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Novec 7100
Le fluide haute technologie 7100 Novec est utilisé dans de nombreux secteurs industriels. Compte tenu de son point d’ébullition adapté et de ses excellentes caractéristiques en matière d’environnement, de santé et de sécurité, il peut être utilisé dans de nombreuses applications, telles que la transmission thermique, le nettoyage ou comme base pour solvants.

Novec fluid 7100 is used in a diverse range of industries. Its convenient boiling point and excellent environmental, health and safety profile make it useful in applications like heat transfer, cleaning, lubricant deposition and more. Application Guide Carrier Solvents for Fingerprint Formulations
Used to replace CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs and flammable solvents in fingerprint formulations for ninhydrin or DFO, 7100 works in the formula to provide optimally crisp ridge detail. 7100s high wetting index assures maximum penetration and delivery of the ninhydrin or DFO to deposited amino acids, thus finding and developing more prints than other formulations. And 7100 is compatible with a wide range of inks, papers and materials thus protecting the evidence from damage and blurred inks. Additional characteristics of 7100 include low toxicity, zero ozone depletion potential, low global warming potential and the solvent is nonflammable.
Application Guide Carrier Cleaning Fluids
Its boiling point (61°C) and increased solvency make Novec fluid 7100 an ideal cleaning solvent in applications like vapor degreasing, wet cleaning and FOUP cleaning. Low surface tension helps it to penetrate into tight spaces found in delicate electronic equipment - providing a thorough and complete clean. 7100 is non-ozone depleting, is not a volatile organic compound (VOC) and is approved without restrictions under the US EPA's Significant New Alternatives Program (SNAP) Depending on the type of soil to be cleaned, Novec fluid 7100 can be used "neat" or in combination with other solvents. The product is compatible with most metals, plastics and elastomers.
Application Guide Carrier Deposition Solvents
Low viscosity and low surface tension provide this fluid with surface wetting and flow properties similar to 3M™ Performance Fluid PF-5060DL. In addition, Novec fluid 7100 has a short atmospheric lifetime and low global warming potential (GWP). Novec fluid 7100 delivers good solvency for PFPE lubricants and can dissolve high performance lubricant additives such as X-1P.
Application Guide Heat transfer Fluids
A wide liquid range (-135°C to 61°C) makes Novec fluid 7100 well-suited to thermal management applications in a wide array of industries. In the semiconductor industry, it's ideal for automated test equipment (ATE) and wafer processing equipment requiring low temperatures. Novec fluid 7100 has a very low global warming potential (GWP) and offers reduced greenhouse gas emissions when compared to PFCs - without sacrificing performance.
Novec 7100 (20kg)
bidon(s) métal
20 kg
Novec 7100 (15kg)
bidon(s) métal
15 kg
Novec 7100
Novec 7100 (5kg)
bidon(s) métal
5,6 kg
Novec 7100 (272,15kg)
fût(s) (272,15 kg)
272,15 kg


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N° ENECS : 422-270-2
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N° REACH : 01-0000016878-53
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